Sunday, November 25, 2012

Possible answers....& a date!!!

Well Friday was definitely an interesting day!! I'll start with the GI appointment that we had since it was the one that I was really worried about.  Now let me start my saying that Monkey's GI is wonderful!!  She is very friendly and is so loving towards our girl that is just puts her right at ease. Se was able to give us some answers to the ongoing tummy ache & frequent bouts of vomiting.  She thinks that we are dealing with cyclical migraines!!  She has given us a prescription to try for 6 weeks. If we see no more vomiting & decreased tummy ache then we should have our answer.  & if that's it then we should be able to wean her off the meds & just use them for her high stress times & when travelling since she really does not travel well at all. BUT....if we don't see an improvement she is going to schedule an endoscopy to rule out IBS and to make sure that her celiac is not causing the problems regardless of the blood work. Seeing as how I get migraines and have for a really long time I'm guessing this is a likely diagnosis.

Now onto to exciting part of our Stollery visit......the Endo was super happy with everything we have been doing. Monkey's A1C was 7.9!!!!  Down from 8.5 last visit!!!!!  So very excited!!!!  Can you tell?! LOL. I asked about a sliding scale for her carbs and was given one for supper.  We can use 1:15 & just watch to make sure it doesn't bottom her out. He gave me full permission to play with it as needed to get those numbers right but let her have to freedom to eat what she wants. I can only use this scale though for supper since she is in Humulin N to cover her lunch time at school. I am also allowed to play with it a bit for breakfast but only on the weekends for now.  If anyone has any suggestions I love to hear 'em!

And the other big news is if course Insulin pump training!!  We were given a date of Feb 11-13 for our pump class!!  I'm not sure I've seen Monkey that excited in a really long time!  I know it is a ways off yet but it is something to look forward to & I'm sure the time will fly by especially with Christmas right around the corner!!

So that's all my news for now!!


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