Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vacation, Viruses & Pump News!

So much has happened in the last month that I'm not sure where to start.  I was able to sneak away for a week in sunny, warm Miami after Christmas with a wonderful friend.  We had to go for a work conference and it was wonderfully relaxing.  I left my sweet little monkey in the more than capable hands of my hubby who was happy to let me get away for a few days.  It was a VERY long travel day on either side of the trip but it was well worth it to be able to catch up on some MUCH needed sleep and to just be able to relax and not think about blood sugar levels.  Now don't get me wrong I did think about home and what was happening but I didn't stress about it because I knew that she was being well taken care of.  They were multiple high blood sugar readings but the corrections were calculated and administered beautifully.  Nary a ketone was seen and they had some wonderful Daddy/Daughter time!!!

Being back to school has proved interesting.  We were very lucky and managed to avoid all of the nasty little viruses that were floating around school.  However we've not been so lucky now that school is back in session.  The first week went by without any issues.  But last week my sweet girl came home from school on Friday and promptly put herself to bed!!!  OH NO!  I knew there would be little to no sleep had that night.  She napped for an hour and a half that afternoon and didn't want much in the way of dinner or a bedtime snack.  Saturday we just laid low and didn't do much so that she could just rest.  Her sugar's were slightly elevated but nothing outrageous.  Sunday morning she felt good but her sugar was higher than I liked.  She had a birthday party to go to after lunch that I really didn't want to cancel.  They were going swimming for an hour and I thought that might help to equalize her blood sugar a little.  I stayed at the party while they were swimming and things were all good.  After the hour she checked her sugar and she was 3.1 (she started out at 13.8).  A couple dex tabs and she was all good.  They were having ice cream cake for the party and her friend's mom had graciously asked what Monkey could have instead since the ice cream cake has cookie crumble in it.  I checked Dairy Queen's info and we decided on a mini skor blizzard, 56g of carbs.  Her afternoon snack is usually 25-30 grams so I figured the extra carbs would work to cover what was burned while swimming and the excitement from the party.  I either mis-calculated BIG TIME or she was still fighting whatever nasty little virus was plaguing her.  At supper that night she was 27.2 with blood ketones of 0.3.  My money was on the virus.  The next 2 days were a blur of blood sugar/ketone checks, little sleep for me and very restless sleep for her.  Her ketones got as high as 0.5 but never seemed to go away completely.  It didn't seem to matter how much insulin I gave or how much she drank.  She didn't want to eat anything which made things a tad difficult since she is still on a Humalog/Humulin N combination.  But we managed and both went back to school yesterday.  We did have to do a correction shot at lunch time both yesterday and today but I'm hoping that trend doesn't continue.

In other news....we are now T minus 18 days until we head to Edmonton to start our pump training!!  Her insulin pump has shipped from Animas and should be here tomorrow or Monday!  Very excited!!  I have also ordered her new medic alert bracelet and a TummieTote for her.  They should both be here just before we head to the city for pump start!  I will be very glad to be able to better deal with sick days as we seem to have our fair share of them.  I'd love to hear any tips for pump start up to if anyone wishes to share!  This D-Mama can use all the help she can get!!!

In the mean time I am continuing to keep up with all the blogs that I read and I continue to add others to my list.  Whenever I find a blog I enjoy I read ALL of the posts from beginning to end.  If any of you have any to suggest to me please do!  I'll add them to my list :-)

Wishing beautiful blood sugars to all!!

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