Saturday, January 26, 2013


In case it wasn't obvious from the title of this post......the long awaited Animas Ping Insulin pump has arrived!!  Purolator delivered the giant box to my school yesterday and holy man was my girlie super excited when she seen it after school!!  When we came home she had that box open before she had even unpacked her backpack for the weekend. LOL! But really, who can blame her for being excited!  I wasn't far behind her in pulling things out of the box!  That green pump and those cute little pink infusion sets had us both giddy!  When Hubby came home from work he wasn't even all the way in the house before Little Miss was exclaiming loudly "Guess what came today Daddy??!!"

Now I have 2 weeks to read the rather larger manual several times, watch the video and do the workbook.  Can't wait!!!

16 MORE SLEEPS!!!!!!


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