Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Destination Me: wait....who am I again? I've forgotten!

I just want to touch base quickly and update on the Destination me project that Hallie started a few weeks ago. I had great intentions of continuing with weekly goals but then life happened. We bought a new house and sold ours. The most stressful part in all of this has been the fact that we had 2 weeks from removal of all the conditions to taking possession of the new house!!  OIE!!  And on top of that we take possession the day after tomorrow and we STILL haven't been able to sign the papers at the lawyers office due to a computer problem which delayed our documents being delivered from the bank!!!!  But I have faith that all this will work out and we will be able to get the keys on time.

Through all of this I have continued to make my goal of breakfast everyday and I feel much better because of it. I am no longer wanting to stuff my face with whatever is in the staff room at recess!!  My earlier bedtime goal has been challenged for sure the last couple of weeks just due to the shear volume of packing that has had to happen along with working full time at the school and doing bookkeeping part time. Not to mention still feeding my family and of course dealing with D (which chose now to not play nice!!)

Anyways.....the only goal I have for the next week or so is to NOT cause anyone bodily harm and to perhaps enjoy a couple glasses (read bottles) of wine when we are finished moving!

But for right now.....off to check a BG and then to bed I go!  (Before midnight even!!)

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