Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer is done already!?

It has been ages since I posted last time and I feel guilty for that.  But hey!  Life happens!  And it has been happening in full force around here.  For the most part Diabetes has just been around for the ride which is nice.  We had a couple nasty colds take up residence but that's about it for trouble causing viruses.  Since the end of June though life has been CRAZY!!!  We decided to put our house up for sale and look for something just a little bit bigger.  Our house is only 950 sq feet so not a lot of extra space.  This house has served us well and one would think now that our oldest has moved out we would have extra room but that doesn't seem to be the case.  Now we just have a spare room which we didn't have before.  We have found that Monkey is wanting some more space too.  Her room just isn't very big, especially with her desk in there.  She doesn't have the space that she wants to be able to keep a Lego build out when it is complete.  And for her that's a VERY big deal :)  So the hunt began.  We have found a couple very nice houses that we like and are interested in buying but of course ours must sell first since I am not particularly fond of the idea of 2 mortgages.  No idea why!

As far as diabetes goes it has been a good summer.  Monkey went to camp for the first time and LOVED it!  The only diabetes camp in Alberta is Camp Jean Nelson and it is a 7 hour drive from our house so I chose to stay in Calgary while she was at camp.  I stayed with family and this put me about 45 minutes from the camp.  Plus I had no desire to drive all the way on Monday after dropping her off only to drive back down on Friday to pick her up Saturday morning.  Entirely too much driving for my liking!!  Monkey has already decided that she will be returning to camp next summer no questions about it!  We are so pleased that she enjoyed herself.  The best part she said was that everyone was the same.  There was even another girl her age who was Celiac as well.

We had our quarterly appointment at the diabetes clinic last week and I must say that I was SHOCKED at her lab results.  In May her A1C was 7.7 and last week her A1C was 6.9!!!  I couldn't believe that much of a drop was possible without a ton of lows.  The nurse was concerned that perhaps we were missing some nighttime lows but could see that we were testing on a regular basis at midnight at 3 am.  She asked us to test at 11, 1, 3 & 5 for a few nights just to make sure.  Dan does the 5am test since he is getting up for work than anyways and I do the rest.  I'm tired but I'd rather do this now before I go back to work.  (One of the advantages to working in the school, summer's off!)  We have been doing this since Wednesday and so far haven't seen any lows.  If anything we are seeing lots of stubborn highs but she does have a bit of a cold right now so I can't really be sure if that is causing the highs or if I need to do some basal changes.  Probably a bit of both since she has grown another 1/2 inch.

School starts back for me on Wednesday and then for the students on Sept 3.  I am now in the process of getting all of her school documents ready to meet with her new teacher this week.  Our school system does not have nurses of any kind and the teachers/staff are not allowed to do any sort of D-care with the exception of supervision of testing.  No Glucagon administration or anything!  Another reason I am super happy that I work in her school!  I have been reading blogs like crazy trying to catch everyone's back to school readiness and get some good ideas!  There's lots of them out there :)

Maybe now that school and routine are starting again I will be able to blog on a more regular basis.  And maybe even with some less jumbled blogs lol.  But for now.......supper prep is calling!


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