Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring?? Are you sure??

I know in my last post I had commented that I was looking forward to spring break and maybe even seeing some green popping up soon but I am still waiting!!!!  ARGH!!  We have had snow since Oct 27th and just when we think that it is going away it snows AGAIN!  It snowed here all weekend and on Monday (April 15) we had the biggest most beautiful (except that it was April 15th!!) snowflakes I have seen in a long time. It was even fairly mild out.  It was only about -2C.  I would have taken that for a snowstorm anytime throughout the winter but come on already!!  I know I'm not the only one that is tired of snow.  Monkey has been itching to go and play but in between the snowing and melting our yard is either an ice rink or a mud bog.  YUCK!  Neither of which is conducive to fun for my 9 yr old girl.  And to top it all off even though it doesn't LOOK like spring out there our allergies are quick to assure us that, Yes, it is indeed spring.

I'm not sure if allergies can cause a spike in blood sugars but wholly man have we seen a ton of stubborn spikes here lately.  Between allergies, a growth spurt that has wreaked havoc on her basal rates, a stomach flu and a couple failed sites my poor girl has been through the wringer the last couple weeks.

We went back to school after spring break on the Tuesday after Easter.  She was fine all that day and evening, then halfway through eating her bedtime snack she looked at me and said she didn't feel well and couldn't finish eating.  Of course she'd already bolused for all of it.  Well I must say our first real experience with a stomach flu and the pump was a whole heck of a lot nicer than injections was!  After the initial vomit & I called the endo to ensure I didn't have to do anything extra, we suspended for a couple hours and then just did a temp basal for the rest of the night.  It was great.  There was tons of testing and some minor ketones but only 1 bout of lows and that was right after she starting being sick.  It took a couple days for her to get her energy back but that sealed the deal for me!  I love the pump!  She was happy too that she didn't end up in emerg with an IV.

We have had 3 failed sites in the last 2 weeks as well.  One that lasted less than 8 hours and two more that barely made the 36 hour mark :( Very frustrating.  Not sure what we did differently with those sites as I can't seem to pinpoint any pattern except that diabetes sucks!

Oh well.  Now we are in the middle of doing a major overhaul to her basal rates.  Unfortunately it is a slow process.  I am just hoping that I can get everything sorted by the end of this week as she goes to see her Endo & the whole team at the beginning of May and I would like for her to be feeling better as well as have some nicer numbers to show them.  I did have a handle on her breakfast spike by doing a combo bolus. It was working beautifully before spring break so hopefully once I can get her basals reset I will see it working again.

Sorry for my disjointed ramblings lol.  I need to post more often so my thoughts so fly all over the place (or at least I hope that would help!)  I am going to try and put some pictures up with my next post too if I can figure out how to do it!

As always.....if anyone has any suggestions send 'em my way!  I'll take all the help I can get.  For now though......my bed is calling.....at least for a couple hours!


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