Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Help from Friends

It has been just over a week since Monkey started on her Animas Ping insulin pump and she is absolutely LOVING it (as are hubby and I)!!  We have already experienced one site fall out (on our first day none the less), one bent cannula that led to vomiting with ketones, blood in the cannula and a couple lows during times that she has never before experienced a low.  But for the most part things are going very smoothly.  I know that I'm going to regret saying that but I'm gonna say it anyways.  We have had AMAZING support and I am very thankful for all of it.

The other day Monkey came to me and told me there was blood in her cannula.  I looked and sure enough there was.  I was hesitant to do a site change as the evening before had been her scheduled change.  This site change was the one that resulted in the bent cannula so I didn't want to have to change another one unless it was absolutely necessary.  I went onto Facebook and was lucky enough that Wendy was online.  I know that Sugar uses the same pump so I figured if anyone would know the answer to my queries it would be her. Sure enough she was very happy to answer my question and we were able spare Monkey another site change.  I figured 3 sites in less than 24 hours would have made for an unhappy girl so I was thankful it wasn't needed.

I have gotten plenty of encouragement in our pumping journey from Wendy, Meri & Reyna that it makes me not be quite as hesitant as I was at first.  I know that we CAN do this.  Even if it's with a little help from our friends!

Thanks Friends!!


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